Life is never this sucks if i wasn't do what i did

the past is the past, but it is there to be remembered

@ Thursday, September 17, 2009 ; 2:32 AM

nak raye da weh!!
selamat ari raya to all my dearest friends!
dan sewaktu dengannya...
maaf zahir dan feeling...
aku sayang anda semua!!

p/s:ni maybe last update for a moment,sebab nak pmr.wish me luck.tq
follow the rules and listen up
salam diberi !
tq kerna membca ini blog :D
this is true about me life.sory lau ada terasa.
im not a perfect boy,or a good boy,it is just me
love you guys..
me, myself and i
all you need to know
a boy,a student,Science Rembau,im 15 years old,a Terengganurian,
Johanian,Lycan,Retardian Ownz~~